A dual suspension mountain bike is as it states “shock absorbers” on the front and back of the bike, the front of the bike will have two shafts that run down to the wheels with an outer “crown” that slides over the top and generally use air or springs for the pressure applied and oil and valving to control how the fork reacts for different terrains and riders. The rear suspension works in a similar way but the frame on a Dual suspension mountain bike is quiet complicated with generally a rear frame triangle that is independent to the main frame the rider sits on and then connected together in all sorts of configurations via pivots and links. Our Dual suspension mountain bikes offer a smoother and more comfortable ride up and down the hill. If the terrain is rugged, cobbled with jutting out stones, you do not feel the impactas much with dual suspension bikes. They are usually heavier, but they absorb the shock from uneven surfaces much better – be it from the dangerous condition of the road, a sudden bump or simply pedal force. We offer numerous bicycles like Enduro mountain bikes that bring down the chances of sudden skidding and falling, saving you from accidents.