Merida eSPRESSO Sport 2017

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Merida eSpresso 600 Sport is a sports hybrid style e-bike designed for the recreational rider who doesn’t want to be limited to one kind of terrain. This bike is well suited to less experienced riders who would like to travel further but don’t necessarily have the fitness to ride as far they as they would like. This bike also makes a long distance commute a viable means of transport for people who may have wanted to ride to work but felt intimidated by the distance.


The Shimano E6000 mid-drive pedal assist system makes worrying about hills a thing of the past. A 250w motor ensures effortless riding wherever you choose to go. The assistance provided feels smooth and intuitive and is entirely adjustable by the rider, on the fly, with handlebar mounted controls.

 Based around an aluminium frame designed specifically for the Shimano STePS system, the eSpresso isn’t carrying any weight it doesn’t have too.  A suspension fork at the front provides a smooth ride, and reduces fatigue when riding on rough surfaces.

 Wide 42c touring tyres provide good puncture resistance and grip in a range of conditions, without sacrificing rolling efficiency. Combine these tyres with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes equipped to the bike and you have smooth and reliable stopping power whatever the weather or road conditions.

 Shimano is taking care of the 9 speed drivetrain; this means that you will have crisp and consistent gear shifts for years to come.

 The Merida eSpresso 600 Sport provides the rider with an easy to operate pedal assist bike, that isn’t limited to one style of terrain.



  • Shimano STePS DU-E6001 light off road motor.
  • Shimano STePS 418 Wh battery.
  • High quality Shimano components.
  • Hydroformed down tube, for strength and agility.
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