Here at Buy Cycles our in house mechanic has over 20 years experience in the industry to help you with all of your bike maintenance and repairs. Our extensive list of repairs includes your basics like changing a tube through to a Full Service or Suspension service.

Here is a list of our pricing and what that includes - 



Full Bike Services:




General Service

This is our most popular service. It includes a full clean and degrease of your bike, we then tune up the gears, brakes, lubricate all external moving parts including cables and true your wheels. $ 89

General Service Premium

Same as a general service, but this time we also do a headset and bottom bracket service to keep those bearings silky smooth. $ 149

Full Service Premium

This a a full strip and rebuild of your bike. Same as the general service but we also go into all the bearings including hubs to clean and grease them, taking the whole bike apart and then putting it back together as good as new. $ 249 

Other service jobs:




Fit Chain

  $ 15

Fit Cassette 

  $ 10

Gear Tune 

  $ 35

7/8 Speed Gear Tune

  $ 20

Brake Adjustment (per end)

  $ 15

Brake Bleed (per end)

  $ 35

Tyre or Tube change

  $ 10

Wheel True

  $ 30

Wheel Build

  $ 80

Miscellaneous Labour Charges

  $ 60 per hour

Please note all charges are labour only and do not include parts.