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Posted on
11 Jul 2013

CCR Pro Bike Fit

The Three Levels of Bike Fit

Once you have made your purchase we have three levels of bike fit available for you. We offer these services free of charge to your appropriate purchase spend.

TheCCRPro Bike Fit system is the most complete system to get you on not only the right fitting bike, but the right bike for your exact needs. I have spent countless hours and nearly two years researching the best ways to fit all body types and what injuries or health will relate to someone's final bike fit. This has been a passion of mine for quite some time now and I am proud to finally have such a great product to offer our customers. - See more at:

LEVEL ONE: PRO ($3k and above)

  • The Level Three Pro Fit is the flagship and by far the most in depth fit you could get without having to go to a professional fitter.
  • Two free Motion Capture video Sessions 7 point frame by frame analysis and setting
  • Option to “graft” position from previously fitted bike
  • Videos and measurements sent to your email or social media
  • All labour for bar, stem and seat replacement inclusive
  • Two free follow up checks including motion capture if needed

LEVEL 2: ENTHUSIAST ($1200 to $3000)

  • For a Level two Bike Fit we use a motion capture system to be 100% accurate on your fit, and go into your correct position in a lot more depth
  • One free motion capture video session 5 point frame by frame analysis and setting ( using four measuring criteria in individual video frames) Video and measurements sent your email or social media
  • Free follow up check

LEVEL 3: BASIC (up to $1200.00)

  • This fit is nice and simple, we will visually inspect you on your bike making sure:
  • Correct seat height is set
  • Correct saddle position including K.O.P.S measurement is set
  • Correct Handle Bar Position and Lean Angle is set