Fleet Services

Thank you for reading the Buy Cycles Australia Fleet service brochure, as a brief rundown of our company we have been in the cycle service industry since 2001 and are the oldest mountain bike service centre in Perth, We also have 13 years’ experience in mountain bike guiding which we still carry out with companies like Dirty Detours and non for profit organisations like the Kalamunda Patrol.

Our commitment to our clients is simple, Top level servicing for all fleet bikes (with 31 years combined experience in our workshop) And Advise you can trust, so you are trained and have the right tools and parts to keep your fleet moving.

Buy cycles Australia’s Fleet service programme is simple

You can choose from 4 levels of service that you may require for your fleet, or we can assess your fleet and make a suggestion for what programme would suit best, your bikes are booked in with individual id so we can track and monitor your bikes individual service history, then we will arrange a time to pick your bikes up, then generally that afternoon you will have the bikes returned.

Guide Specific Mechanical training and emergency parts

If you take up our offer to service, your fleet on an annual basis you will be entitled to one free training seminar on “field mechanical repairs” in which we will teach your staff the fundamentals of getting a bike back up and running if it has had a mechanical due to impact or abuse. We will also write a comprehensive list of what you should be taking on the trails to keep these bikes going.

J G Waghorn

  1. We are able to offer guiding and rental fleet specific service plans Starting at $40.00
  2. Can pick up and deliver bikes
  3. Fully equipped workshop
  4. Can tailor a service package specific to your schools needs
  5. We can offer full guide training and maintenance to teachers, such as onsite training to be able to do your basic maintenance out on the trails.
  6. We can set your guides and teachers up with the correct equipment
  7. Can service under our fleet service plan all students’ bikes

Clients using our system benefit from

  1. greater times between service intervals which saves time and money
  2. experience far less “on trail” mechanical issues
  3. have longer life spans on their fleet
  4. identifying problem bikes in the fleet using our service data base, then go one level higher on service or replace the bike at our special fleet pricing.
  5. Free trail guiding information from some of Perth’s most experienced guides

Reasons to use our service

  1. 13 years’ experience in the guiding industry
  2. Head guide for the largest school specific guiding company in Western Australia
  3. Current sponsor and mentor for Kallamunda Collectives Patrol program
  4. 31 years of off-road mountain bike specific mechanical experience
  5. only store to offer a full suspension service centre
  6. fast turn around
  7. ability to have each individual bike service records on hand at any time

Levels of Service

Level 1 - $40.00

(recommended after each ride)

  1. bike wash (eco wash)
  2. chain and drivetrain clean
  3. 20-point safety check (mechanical inspection)
  4. Adjust gears and brakes

Extra labour will be added for work outside of these 4 points

Level 2 - $75.00

(recommended after every 10th excursion or 30hrs of use)

All items in level 1 plus

  1. Gear Tune (bike test ridden to make sure perfect)

  2. Brake Calliper/Rotor Adjustment (bike test ridden to make sure perfect)

  3. Tighten, Adjust & Lube ALL Cables

  4. 31-point Safety Check a more in depth mechanical inspection (Torque All Bolts to correct tolerance)

  5. Minor "In Bike" Wheel True

  6. Full Bike Wash

  7. Inflate Tyres

  8. "On Bike" Drivetrain Degrease

  9. Lube Chain & Moving Parts

  10. Bike Wear Inspection & Recommendations (Check Chain, Brake Pads & Tyre wear)

Extra labour will be added for work outside of these 10 points

Level 3 - $120.00

(recommended once every 6 months)

All items in level 2 plus


  2. Strip & Remove Entire Drivetrain

  3. Eco-wash / Degrease Drivetrain (Cassette, Chain & Chainrings)

  4. Replace ALL Gear Cables (Includes Parts)

  5. 2 x Brake Bleed's (Or Replace Brake Cables)

  6. 2 x Thorough "Out of Bike" Wheel Trues

  7. Remove & Re-Grease Bottom Bracket

  8. Remove & Re-Grease Headset Bearings

  9. Top Up Tyre Sealant

Level 4 - $250.00

(recommended for high end mountain bikes once a year)

  1. Fork Lower Service (Fox or RockShox) Not Inc Parts if needed
  2. Rear Shock Air-Can Service (Fox or RockShox) Not Inc Parts if needed
  3. Remove ALL Pivot Bolts, Re-Grease & Torque (This will also check Pivot Bearings, Labour not included for frame bearing replacements)
  4. Dropper Post Clean, Lube & Replace Dropper Post Cable or Bleed, Apply Carbon Paste if required.
  5. Hub Service's + Parts
  6. Remove Brake Pads, Eco-Clean Rotors & Brake Clean Calliper
  7. After Wash Spray / Protection
  8. Cut & Neaten any Cables to Correct Length